Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New WordPress Blog Site.

It's time for a new home for my Blog.  I have been using Blogger for the last three and a half years and I've decided it's time to move the Blog to WordPress.

In my opinion, WordPress offers a much better platform for my blog, more flexibility, better ease of use and complete ownership of my content and photographs!

Please Bookmark my new blog address,

As you can tell, the above Blog address (Domain Name) is slightly different, I simply dropped the "a" in the address….

Making the new address,


As you will see, the new Blog has a new, cleaner look.  I imported all the old posts and will continue to work on the new WordPress Blog to get it as user friendly as possible!

I am excited to continue blogging with WordPress and will offer more content, to include videos, maps and a-whole-lot-more!

Thanks for following my blog!

-All the Best,  Andrew

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